Is ALI a government or public organization?


The Arid Lands Initiative is a partnership among government and private organizations. The partnership does not have its own authorities. It is the partner agencies and organizations that take action—action that they have coordinated with others through the ALI. Each partner agency and organization takes action under their own mandate, mission and authorities.


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Can anyone or any organization join the ALI?


The Arid Lands Initiative is open to the participation of any entity interested in working together to achieve shared objectives that support achievement of the ALI’s vision. If you have interest in or are developing projects in eastern Washington’s Columbia Plateau, and would like to discuss working together to identify and achieve shared objectives, Contact Us.




How does an individual or organization join the ALI?


To join the Arid Lands Initiative, or to find out who is part of the ALI, please Contact Us. We look forward to hearing from you!




Does the ALI have a formal charter or Memorandum of Understanding?


The Arid Lands Initiative does not currently have a formal charter or Memorandum of Understanding. Core team partners are working on a MOU, to help establish the framework for cooperation among agencies and organizations, and formalize the partnership.




Do you have to sign onto the MOU to participate?


You do not have to sign onto an MOU to participate, as the MOU is currently being developed. Once the ALI has an MOU, there will be certain types of participation that may require being a signatory. However, the ALI partners are interested in collaborating with a wide array of interests, and will continue to do so where shared objectives can be achieved and a mechanism for collaboration can be found, independent of whether collaborators are signatories to the MOU. If you are interested in being a party to the MOU, however, please contact a core team member.




Can I attend ALI meetings and events?


Yes. If you are interested in working with the Arid Lands Initiative partners to achieve shared objectives or finding out more about the partnership, you are welcome to attend relevant meetings and events. Please contact us to let us know what kinds of meetings and events you’d be interested in attending.




I’m with a partner agency. Who do I contact for information to post on the ALI website? 


If you are employed in a partner agency or organization, please contact your agency/organization’s Arid Lands Initiative core team representative listed under Contact Us. If no one from your agency/organization is listed, please contact any of the core team representatives and ask for guidance.




Who is on the ALI core team, and how do they relate to the ALI partners?


The Arid Lands Initiative partners are currently agencies (state and federal) and non-governmental organizations. The ALI core team is composed of one or more representatives for each ALI partner, as well as other representatives interested in achieving shared objectives with ALI partners. The core team guides coordination efforts, and brings project recommendations to partners.


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